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Synopsis: A one-name study of Allman/Allmon's in Co Norfolk, England & Australia

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A genealogical study of the Allman's of Co Norfolk, England. This page contains charts of those Allman families who are not connected with William Allman of Great Yarmouth. All the family groups listed below appear to have arrived in Norfolk during the 1800's. There are other scattered references to Allman's who are not obviously connected to William of Great Yarmouth's family, however these references generally appear in isolation (eg: a marriage or baptism in a parish where there are no other Allman's recorded, nor in neighbouring parishes). These scattered references are most likely to be mis-recordings of Allen's or similar surnames or Allman's from outside of Norfolk who remained in the county only for a few years or less. More than 95% of all Allman references in Norfolk appear to have been connected to the family of William of Great Yarmouth, which was a rather startling find since Allman's can be found across England.

George arrived in Kings Lynn, Co Norfolk, as a young man, some time between 1841-1851. He is not listed in the 1841 census for Norfolk, nor, for that matter, are any Allman's listed for the Kings Lynn area.

1. George Allman,[2,14] born 1827,[1,13] Liverpool, Lancashire.[1] Died March quarter, 1866, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk.[13] Railway guard, 1851.[1] Grocer, 1858.[2,15] Foreman of engine cleaners, 1865.[2] Married Ann Masters,[2] December quarter, 1851, Kings Lynn, Co Norfolk.[13] Ann born 1825, died September quarter, 1870, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk.[13] Resided 1851, Kirby Street, St Margaret, Kings Lynn, Co Norfolk, a lodger with Robert & Ann Adams.[1] Resided 1858, South Lynn Plain, Co Norfolk.[2] Resided 1865,1871, Guanock Terrace, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[2]

Children of George Allman & Ann Masters:

George Jackston Allman, born March quarter, 1853, South Lynn, Co Norfolk,[13] baptised 12/2/1865, All Saints, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[2] Missing 1871.[14] Died December 1873, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk (20yo).[13]


James Jackston Allman, born March quarter, 1853, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[13] Missing 1871.[14]


Rosanna Leeder Allman, born June quarter, 1854, South Lynn, Co Norfolk,[2,12,13] baptised 10/5/1871, All Saints, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[2] With parents, 1871.[14] Married George John Clarke,[12,13] December quarter, 1880, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk.[13] George, a shipping clerk 1881, was born 1851, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire.[12] Resided 1881, 17 Checker St South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[12] Living with them was Roseanna's brother, Charles.[12]


Joseph King Allman, born September quarter, 1857, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk,[13] baptised 28/7/1858, All Saints, Kings Lynn, Co Norfolk.[2,15] With parents, 1871.[14] Died September quarter, 1881, Kings Lynn, Co Norfolk (24yo).[13]


Mary Rebecca Allman, born 1861, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[12,14] With parents, 1871.[14] Was an "Assistant In Fancy (Busns)", 1881.[12] In 1881 was a lodger with John Minter, 6 Stone Street, Brighton, Sussex.[12]

Catherine Allman, born March quarter, 1862, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[13] Died September quarter, 1885, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk (23yo).[13]

Charles Allman, born June quarter, 1863, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[13] Died March quarter, 1865, Kings Lynn district, Co Norfolk.[13]

Ellen Allman, born March quarter, 1865, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[12,13] Missing 1871.[14] Resided 1881, East Wryde Farm, Thorney, Cambridgeshire, a housemaid living with & employed by Samuel Egar & his wife.[12]

Charles Allman, 3/1866,[2,13] baptised 10/5/1871, All Saints, South Lynn, Co Norfolk.[2] With parents, 1871.[14] Resided 1881, 17 Checker St South Lynn, Co Norfolk; living with sister, Roseanna.[12] Railway clerk, 1881.[12]

This family only appears in census records. There is no trace of the births of the children born after 1840 in FreeBMD as Allman/Almond or phonetic variants which suggests that "Allman" may be a misrecording in the census records. Perhaps Allan or Halman or Aylmer (A Aylmer is buried in Norwich in the 1840's as an Allman)? Nor does the family appear in parish records. The sole evidence for this family's existence is the 1841 & 1851 census'.

A search of FreeBMD for all Philip's born in Norwich, 1848-1851 (Philip Jr was born 1850, Norwich) yields: [Surname (date)] Scarles (6/1848), Dugdale (9/1848), May (3/1849), Presents (9/1849), Brown (12/1849), Leach (6/1850), Hill (3/1851) & Spiller (9/1851).[13] None of which bear even a faint resemblance to Allman. The other Christian names are too common to do such a search on. Both Philip (7 hits) & Phillip (1 hit) were searched. Widening the search to all of Norfolk yields a similarly empty result.

1. Philip Alman, born 1777-1781, Co Norfolk.[30,41] Labourer, 1841.[41] Married Mary Ann.[30] Mary Ann born c.1781.[30] Resided 1841, Lawne Street, Heigham, Norwich Co Norfolk.[30,41]

Children of Philip Alman & Mary Ann:

Philip Allman, born 1811, Wroxham, Co Norfolk.[1,41] Bricklayer, 1851.[1,41] Married Maria.[1,41] Maria born 1812, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[11] Resided 1851, Queens Head Yard, Cowgate Street, St Paul, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[1]
Children: (a)
Mary Ann Allman, born 1833, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[1] With parents, 1851.[1] Shoe binder, 1851.[1]
Maria Allman, born 1837, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[1]
Elizabeth Allman, born 1841, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[1]
Sarah Allman, born 1848, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[1]
Philip Allman, born 1850, Norwich, Co Norfolk.[1,41]

This family first appears in Norfolk in the 1851 census at Kings Lynn. By 1861 they have left the county. They evidently moved to Kings Lynn sometime between 1841-1848 (when William was born at Kings Lynn), leaving the county between 1851-1861. William's birth in 1848 was at Kings Lynn according to the census, however no trace of the birth exists in FreeBMD.

1. Joseph Allman, born 1822, Bilinghar, Lincolnshire.[1] Excavator, 1851.[1] Married Ann.[1] Ann born 1831, Mathesy, Nottinghamshire.[1] Resided 1851, Pilot St Half Moon, Kings Lynn, Co Norfolk.[1]

Children of Joseph Allman & Ann:

William Allman, born, 1848, Lynn, Co Norfolk.[1]

For sources, please refer to the "Descendents of William Allman of Great Yarmouth" chart.