Powell's of South Australia

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[5] Trove: Digitised Australian Newspapers, National Library of Australia, <http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/search?adv=y>. I am only supplying specific sources for my own Powell family. For those wishing to verify or view the original images of articles relating to the other Powell families, note the newspaper details in the main text and then search for that issue & page using the link above. Note that because the Trove transcriptions are done by software & not manually, there are a large number of errors in the transcribed text (often more incorrect letters than correct ones), consequently using a word search may fail. Many of the death notices & obituaries given in this work were found by viewing each issue of the relevant newspapers from the date of the death forward a month or more until the notice was found or I concluded there was not a published notice or obituary. The only sure way of re-finding these notices is to go to the issue & page as stated in the text rather than searching for the name. Abbreviations: "SA Advertiser" - 'The South Australian Advertiser'; "Advertiser" - formerly known as 'The South Australian Advertiser'; "SA Register" - 'South Australian Register';
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