Neeves/Neaves Genealogy

The Neeves/Neaves family of Peasmarsh & Brede, Sussex and thence to Prospect, Australia ... and beyond.

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The Neeves Story is an article I wrote on the history of the Neeves family in Sussex and Australia. It was written back in the mid 1990's, originally as a booklet. My researches have moved on considerably since then so the article is very much out of date. It is well worth a read to get a more narrative view of the family (not just my own line), but please refer to the other files for more up to date details. Please disregard the note about printed copies being available (with photographs, certificates etc). I will continue to update the line and extended family charts and at some stage in the future plan on combining all three files into an extended family genealogy, complete with photographs, certificates etc (see the Greenwood files for an example). This may not happen before 2010 so please don't your breath! I am happy to provide copies of any of the photographs, certificates etc referred to in the Neeves story.

Other researchers:

People who have an interest in the Neeves family, not necessesarily related to my Neeves'. This is not a comprehensive list, just a listing of those whom I have been in contact with. Some of these email addresses may no longer be valid. If you find a dead email address, let me know so I can remove the entry. The oldest contacts are at the top.

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